The ABCs of ordering


Hosting 8 to 10 people? Here's a simple guide on ordering the right amounts, whatever the occasion. Feel free to double or triple the number of platters if you expect more guests.


  • One or two pastry trays.
  • One fruit tray.

Cold Working Lunch

  • One or two Super sandwiches platters.
  • One vegetable or salad platter.
  • One cheese platter.
  • One deli meat platter and/or one fresh from the sea platter.
  • One fruit and/or dessert tray.

Cocktail Reception

  • One Super sandwiches platter.
  • One tray of raw veggies.
  • One starter platter The classics: Mediterranean plate or tomato pizza.
  • One sushi or fresh from the sea platter.
  • One cheese tray and/or 1 deli meat tray.

Hot Meals

  • One starter of your choice (one Mediterranean plate or one plate of raw veggies).
  • Two gourmet meals.
  • Two sides.
  • One salad platter or one cheese tray.
  • One fruit and/or one dessert tray.

For questions about the types of catering or delivery, please contact your Bonichoix store directly.

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